Strong in 15 is a strength training studio designed to improve healing and performance. We help people get STRONGER training 15 minutes a week.

745 W San Antonio Ave M: 7:30am-4pm, W: 8:30am-4pm, Th: 8:30a-3pm, F: 7:30am-2pm, Sa: 6:30am-9am (210) 842-3656

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Some clients want to decrease pain, prevent the likelihood of falling, or return to that weight of years ago. Other clients want to return to the floor with their grandchildren or feel they've restored their ability to confidently go outside and dig in the dirt. Whatever your goal, we want to help you regain confidence in achieving the body and health you hope for.

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During the Consultation, Dr. Woods will take the time to review what brought you to the studio.  He will listen to your perspective of your current situation.

He will guide each prospective client through 1-2 movements.  Each movement should be pain-free, effective, and efficient.

He will share the benefits of training 1 or 2 days a week.  This will enable you to decide what’s best for your budget of time, money, and effort!



Learning the 3 Skills is the first challenge.  It is very simple to memorize, but quite challenging to practice.

#1  Breathe through your nose ONLY.

#2  FEEL Slowly and Gently and IMMEDIATELY Report

#3  Precise Technique at Maximal Force

Almost everyone gets these skills out of order.  They push or pull very forcefully with poor technique, breathing through there mouth or holding their breath until the point of a red face.  The typical prospect is completely out of oxygen.

Maximal effort will be encouraged AFTER the first 2 of 3 skills are learned. Despite maximal effort, the force you are able to exert (called Inroading) will decrease. It is this phenomenon that encourages muscle and bone development as excessive fat is lost.

Your personalized
training plan


The Consultation will guide Dr. Woods in designing your personal training plan.  He will gather information like blood pressure, pulse, and body composition.  Photographs are recommended to inspire others, but are not required.

Subsequent workouts will include the ARX Medical Exercise Robot based on your priorities of efficiency, effectiveness, and injury avoidance.  Your priorities will be his focus.

Recover and


Your training appointments on the ARX Medical Exercise Robot are intense, but amazingly, you may NOT sweat or be sore. It’s important to get plenty of rest afterwards. During this rest period, your muscles regenerate and get stronger. The length of recovery between STRENGTH building appointments that we recommend are:

-48 hours of recovery for clients 40 years of age and below

-72 hours of recovery for clients greater than 40 years of age.

As your body adapts to the challenge from the workouts, greater strength will result. Clients feel changes happening in the first month. They notice formerly difficult or painful movements becoming easier.  The ARX Medical Exercise Robot has six movements.   As you implement your personally designed program, we monitor your progress and adjust your program to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions
15 minutes isn’t very long. Does this really work?

YES, it really works!! Intensity of effort is the most controllable factor in achieving the results you will see from your workouts. When PAIN-free in all joints, high effort in short bursts of 75 seconds, with no rest, gives the best results.  75 seconds seems to be the sweet spot that is most effective in achieving strength gains in most clients.  And remember, intense doesn’t mean unsafe. You can work at an incredibly high intensity of effort with little to no risk for injury. First, do no harm. That is the foundation of effective exercise with the least risk of injury.  Dr. Woods frequently says, “At first, this robot will hurt your brain a great deal more than your body!”  The good news is all clients will learn how to use the ARX Medical Exercise Robots to improve their physical health.  Existing clients will happily share their results with those who want the testimony of someone who actually trains at STRONG in 15.

Will I always train with the same trainer?

When you choose a Training Option, you will have Dr. Woods guide you or one of the interns that Dr. Woods has personally trained provide your guidance.  You may choose your preferred appointment time as well as your trainer.

Do I have to commit to Monthly or Yearly plan?

Yes, 3-12 Months. A commitment is necessary to reach your goals. Habit development takes between 65 and 365 days. We offer a guarantee if you are not satisfied after the first month’s training.

Training Options range in price depending your length of commitment, available time, and budget.  These factors will determine your choice of STRENGTH training frequency and the level of guidance you prefer. When we learn your challenges, concerns, and goals we will work closely with you to create a program that fits you. With a call to schedule a Consultation we will share pricing structure specific to your goals.

What if I have an injury?

We will ask about discomfort, current, and past injuries at the Consultation.   We can consult with medical professionals as directed by you. Rest assured, we are extremely careful to avoid any new injury or aggravate an old injury. Many clients have seen PAIN decrease or be eliminated due to their training.

How much does it cost?

Training Options :  The fee for training with Dr. Woods exclusively is $100.00/15 minutes. When we learn your willingness to commit to your objective at your Consultation, we will share an estimate of your investment in time, effort, and money. If we both believe we are a “fit”, then we will schedule your first training appointment.

Are there options to enhance recovery that I’ll need to consider between sessions?

We will recommend the number of recovery days between appointments. Knowing your weekly activity away from the studio will be helpful in designing your personal program. Nutrition, sleep, and play are significant factors in restoring STRENGTH and health.

We offer full body training at the FYZICAL location.  Pain relief and improved balance are some of the responses we have received from clients.   Home training is at a significantly lower intensity than on the Medical Robot.  It requires significant concentration, but PAIN in the joints is still completely unacceptable. We expect a weekly positive exchange of muscle gain and/or fat loss of 1 pound a week.

Our weekly family and group gathering called “It’s Not Just Physical” meets at the The FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Center location.  This gathering is for families who want to change their nutrition lifestyle.

Will you always train with a trainer at Strong in 15?

Dr. Woods will be your ultimate accountability partner and play an important role in your success.  He will support you.  He will guide you in developing the 3 skills.  Feedback occurs with each repetition throughout the workout at STRONG in 15.  When you become skilled, we offer the option of training yourself on the Medical Robots. This option is available upon learning the 3 skills and gaining the 30-50% INROADING habit.

What do I wear?

Dress comfortably for your first appointment.  Gym clothes or work clothes are both appropriate. It will be cool (about 65 degrees). Although you are not likely to sweat, you will likely become winded. You can expect to have muscles fatigue, and the shaking of your torso and limbs is common. Some clients find jeans too restrictive.