Strong in 15 is a strength training studio designed to improve healing and performance. We help people get STRONGER training 15 minutes a week.

745 W San Antonio Ave M: 7:30am-4pm, W: 8:30am-4pm, Th: 8:30a-3pm, F: 7:30am-2pm, Sa: 6:30am-9am (210) 842-3656

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About Strong in 15

Our Story

Dr. Kenne Woods, lead trainer, established STRONG in 15 in 2019 to bring his 15-minute training philosophy to life. He guides individuals as they overcome their physical challenges and pursue their goals. The training is efficient because we use ARX Medical Exercise Robots. Full-Body training of healthy individuals lasts 7.5 minutes. Clients get STRONGER training 1 or 2 times each week. Clients regain ease in performing daily activities. Tasks like picking up paper off the floor without pain, getting out of the bathtub, or pulling the garden hose around the yard with confidence are reclaimed. We also expect improvement in blood markers like bone density.
Several years prior to starting Strong in 15, Kenne became aware of the efficiency, effectiveness, and safety of the ARX Medical Exercise Robot. These Robots use computerized resistance to create amazing muscle development. In contrast to traditional barbells, dumbbells, and plates; ARX Robots provide specific programming for each individual. Additionally, the privacy we offer helps people avoid the potential embarrassment and intimidation experienced in crowded gyms. The best part about STRONG in 15 programming is that it provides full-body, no impact STRENGTH Training in 15 minutes a week! You aren't required to know what you are doing. The average client takes approximately 12 appointments to develop the skills needed to train themselves on the ARX Medical Exercise Robot...which we encourage!!

Meet our Trainers

At Strong in 15, the entire team of Trainers is enthusiastic about guiding our clients as they overcome their challenges. We listen to prospects concerns and provide guidance toward their goals. Some clients love working out, others hate exercise. Some hope to be PAIN-free in their daily activities like playing a round of golf. Others want to join their grandkids on the floor for playtime without fear of falling or pain. No matter the objective; the Strong in 15 team will guide you toward your goal.

Kenne Woods, Lead Coach

Kenne Wood Strong in 15 San Antonio Owner

“While I enjoy living an active life-style, engaging in outdoor activities such as trimming trees with my chainsaw or climbing onto the roofs of our houses; helping people overcome their physical challenges is where I receive the greatest joy and satisfaction,” explained Kenne. “Nothing gives me a greater thrill than seeing someone I’m guiding have that “ah-ha” moment where they are unable to suppress that smile that shows they’ve accomplished something they had previously thought impossible.”

Kenne is not just any personal trainer; he understands the challenge of becoming physically strong while suffering or recovering from an injury. As an adolescent, Kenne suffered with a staph infection in his spinal column in his low back. This restricted his ability to participate in all sports for three years. Being forced to sit on the sidelines created self-doubt and loneliness. Having the opportunity to overcome such challenges has created a sense of humility and empathy that he now uses to uplift and motivate his clients who are experiencing their own levels of doubt.

He has also been a sports coach, helping athletes establish realistic health and performance goals.  Overcoming emotions such as low-confidence, fear, and doubt are not overlooked.

Prior to starting Strong in 15, Kenne played sports at various levels.   As a youth baseball player, he achieved a multi-state Co-MVP title at the tender age of 11.  He played football and ran track through high school.   He played college basketball at Cooke County College in Gainesville, Texas.  He has enjoyed fitness through triathlon competitions and at places like the Y and CrossFit in Boerne, Texas.  Today, after embracing varying aspects of training, RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) will be a value clients are frequently asked to recognize.  Kenne continues to overcome challenges and is proud to admit that he is still gaining strength and health at age 67.  He hopes to be shooting his age on the golf course by his birthday in 2024.  (Birthdate 9/13/1956)

Kenne was a biology major and chemistry minor at North Texas State University prior to graduating from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Dental School in 1982.  He then practiced dentistry at various locations across the state of Texas until 2012.

Drawing from many years of participation in sports, his previous career as a dentist, his experience as a youth director, and personal trainer; Kenne is well-positioned to accomplish his mission of helping the clients of Strong in 15 become lean, muscular and healthy adults.

Established in 2019, Strong in 15 is a STRENGTH training studio in Boerne, Texas.


The People of Kendall County Taking Sustainable Action to Become Stronger


Guidance that Provides the Development of Skills that Build Muscle and Bone and Reduce Excess Fat


Encouraging Service with Clarity, Excellence, and Enthusiasm to Enhance Well-Being.

“As a veteran personal trainer, with more than 20 years of experience, I completely understand goals focused on competing at an ever-increasing level.  Enjoying a lifetime of sports and years of practicing disciplines of fitness at places like the Y and CrossFit, I can absolutely relate to the desire to compete.  However, it wasn’t until I began engaging in the playful and competitive aspects of wise training, using RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion), that I began experiencing the effectiveness that I had been looking for.”


 –  Dr. Kenne Woods

Owner and Founder of Strong in 15

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