Strong in 15 is a strength training studio designed to improve healing and performance. We help people get STRONGER training 15 minutes a week.

745 W San Antonio Ave M: 7:30am-4pm, W: 8:30am-4pm, Th: 8:30a-3pm, F: 7:30am-2pm, Sa: 6:30am-9am (210) 842-3656

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How it Works

The Strong in 15 approach is all about STRENGTH training with NO impact in 15 minutes each week. If you are hoping to regain STRENGTH as you recover from an injury or surgery, improve your balance, or lose excess fat... our approach involves less time working out to achieve sustainable results. Said another way...LESS IS MORE!

Strong in 15 guides clients as they gain STRENGTH training only 15 minutes each week. It is based on decades of experience and scientific research.

Strong in 15 Trainers are highly-trained professionals who do more than encourage you to meet your STRENGTH and health goals.

High-tech, ergonomically-designed ARX (Adaptive Resistance Exercise) Robots combine computer-controlled resistance to match the force of any user. Ultra-Strong or ridiculously weak.

Living your best life is more than an exercise routine. Your mind, spirit, and relationships are key factors. We understand more than your body is involved.

Evidence-Based Research

Research indicates that short bursts of STRENGTH training with no impact (even 15 minutes or less a week) up to three times a week followed by at least 48 hours of recovery between sessions improves health.
ALL of the following parameters should IMPROVE: cardiovascular health, muscle strength, muscle mass, bone density, flexibility, and injury prevention. STRENGTH training performed slowly greatly reduces the risk of injury and thus, enhances the likelihood of goal achievement.

Supportive Trainers

Our Trainers understand you have thoughts, feelings, experiences, a schedule, priorities, and relationships. All of these things have an impact on how you got to this point in your life. They can hinder or facilitate your activity. Our Trainers guide you toward the perfect rep. As a result, your Training appointments are shorter, safer and more effective. We will be your guide and partner as you develop the skills and habits you need to reach your goals.

ARX Adaptive Resistance

Have you ever gone to the gym and spent more time trying to figure out how to use a machine than actually using it? At Strong in 15, you don’t have to navigate a maze of confusing machines and equipment. You will be guided through the ARX (Adaptive Resistance Exercise) Medical Robots that use computerized resistance to apply the perfect amount of opposing force for your personal strength level. This technology uses safe and controlled resistance in place of the plates and pins, barbells, and dumbbells found in gyms. During your workout, you’ll have access to real-time workout data. The machine's tracking software collects and stores your data to track long-term progress and trends. The best part? A quick, safe, and effective workout with no pain or sweat! And RESULTS!

A Whole Life

Exercise alone cannot lessen pain, prevent lack of balance, or sustain muscle growth and fat loss. That’s why we take a whole life mindset. During your Consultation, we will evaluate your skills and habits and come up with a realistic plan to help you accomplish your goal(s). Our trainers understand every person is different on a daily basis and we will take that into consideration every time you walk in the door.

Training Options

As you learn the 3 skills under guidance by a professional trainer, we expect you to gain the expertise to train yourself on the Medical Robot.

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