Strong in 15 is a strength training studio designed to improve healing and performance. We help people get STRONGER training 15 minutes a week.

745 W San Antonio Ave M: 7:30am-4pm, W: 8:30am-4pm, Th: 8:30a-3pm, F: 7:30am-2pm, Sa: 6:30am-9am (210) 842-3656

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Whether you prefer movement using the ARX Medical Exercise Robot guided by a professional or complete lifestyle transformation, your program will be designed with a lifetime perspective. Training options are based on the problems you want to overcome. Each day you are in the studio, we will confirm the goals you are targeting. We want to know how you are feeling and we will adjust your program accordingly. We will measure progress on a regular basis to be sure we are on track to achieve your goals. Most clients begin to see and feel results within the first month. We guarantee progress within that time period!
  • $ ARX Medical Exercise Robot Consultation
    Learn to Move with NO Pain
  • 30 Minute Appointment
  • Available 6 Days/Week
  • $ Strength Training with the ARX Medical Exercise Robot
    15 Minutes a Week; Pain Avoided & Sweat NOT Needed!
  • With a Trainer
  • 20 Minute Appointment
    2 days a week: 98% effectiveness
    1 day a week: 70% effectiveness
    1 Hour with Your Family Each Week
  • Be Transformed
  • Improve 1 Pound Each Week

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