Strong in 15 is a strength training studio designed to improve healing and performance. We help people get STRONGER training 15 minutes a week.

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Why Strength Train

Why Strength Train?

If untrained, our bodies become weaker and more susceptible to accidents.  It is commonly thought that age is the cause of weakness and the increase in frequency of accidents.   These problems are coincidental with musculoskeletal pain and lack of movement, as well.  Basically, we stop doing the things we enjoy or enjoyed because it’s too difficult or it hurts.

What does weakness mean?  The scientific/medical pathologies associated with the physiologic condition of weakness are called sarcopenia or muscle-wasting.  It’s not pretty.  Although, “skinny” is often preferred in our culture, the “skinny” associated with sarcopenia results in falls, broken bones, lack of balance, and increasing difficulty in everyday activities.

Can you reverse muscles weakness?  Weak muscles can get stronger and improve movement, balance, and confidence.

Zelda Sheldon, age 90, believes her training makes a difference.  She strength trains weekly because she wants to continue to travel.  Her “kids” are in their 70’s and they would like to see “Momma” slow down.  That’s not for Zelda, she has places to be and see all over the world.

Another example refuting the “age” question is exemplified by Emily Foster PhD, a former NCAA tennis champion, tells me she can hit a golf ball as far as ever…at age 71.

Dawn, age 43, a Nurse Practitioner shared after a month of strength training, she feels better, looks forward to training and has made some lifestyle changes based on recommendations of her Strong In 15 trainer.

“No Pain, No Gain!”  This phrase is not in our vocabulary at Strong In 15. Years of experience training people with multiple joint replacements, spinal fusions, torn biceps, surgically removed bones, and falls means we must focus on strength training that doesn’t encourage injury.  When a person makes a movement to train a particular muscle group, it is acceptable for that specific muscular area to become fatigued or uncomfortable.  There should NEVER be pain in a joint or an area distant from the specific muscular region when the focus of training is occurring.

How much time do you need to invest?  At Strong In 15, we believe it is important to exercise as efficiently as possible.  Therefore, we encourage resistance training be the primary focus of your time and energy.  For adults over 40, we recommend strength or resistance training twice a week with a 72-hour rest period between trainings.  If you are younger than 40, training three days a week is slightly more beneficial, and we encourage you to take a 48-hour rest period between each session.  The real difference in age groups is the capacity for recovery between workouts.

At STRONG in 15 the “Time Under Tension” ranges from 9 to 15 minutes for all 6 primary movements we prescribe for strength training.

We also offer mobility training for smaller muscles associated with balance, day-to-day movements, and the possibility of reducing musculoskeletal pain.  This class focuses on attaining full range of motion for each of the 206 bones in the body.  This class is 50 minutes in length and the intensity is much less than training on the ARX machine.

In short, you can spend 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, or even more time in a week towards making progress toward your goal.  It’s our responsibility to determine the work and rest needed that meets your end game goal and it’s your responsibility to make the time and commitment.

Does it really work? We believe it does and our clients share regularly with us how they are doing. For instance, Kathy shared “I can move the hay for the horses, cattle, and goats much easier” and Lynne shared “My back doesn’t hurt near like it used to during and after I have played a round of golf.”  These reports are music to our ears.  It’s always good to have less pain!

Be Stronger & Feel Better! We offer 2 FREE Introductory Workouts to anyone interested in making an investment in their wellbeing.  This is not an overnight process.  We will work with you to determine the intensity and frequency of workouts that will best suit your needs and desires. Make your appointment today!